Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Chalkboard

Hi there!  We're so glad you stopped by!  
I wanted to share something I made, and possibly give you a gift idea for any upcoming bridal showers, engagement parties, or any other miscellaneous events that people may be counting down to (babies, birthdays, vacations, Holidays, Etc...) 
My cousin, Matt, is engaged to one of the most brilliant women I know.  She is sweet, funny, extremely hard-working, and I knew she'd be family the moment I met her.  I didn't want to get them a bottle of wine and a card for their engagement party.  I wanted to make something special for them. 
Here is the countdown chalkboard I made! 
What do you think? 
I took step-by-step photos as I was making it, but the photos have since become inaccessible.  I'm sorry! 
I bought the chalkboard at a local craft store, as well as the large burlap flower.  I used my cricut machine to cut out the letters.  Instead of buying the expensive cricut vinyl, I buy contact paper at the dollar store.  After they are married, they can easily peel the "I DO" off of the chalkboard and use it for other events. 
The pink frame is actually a small chalkboard that I glued to the larger chalkboard.  
I hope this has given you some inspiration for future gift giving!  Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Burlap flag Window

Oh my goodness, I am SO excited to show you the window I made!  
I was at Walmart last week.  While I was there I saw blue burlap with stars, and red striped burlap.  Of course, I threw them in my cart although I had no idea what I was going to do with it. 
This project literally took me FIVE minutes.  
I found a window at Target in the photo frame department.  I've had it sitting in my house for months.  I spotted it in my craft room and I knew exactly what I was going to do with the burlap!
My husband is in the Marine Corps, and he likes patriotic decor as much as I do! 
Here is what you need: 
A window frame, scotch adhesive squares, scissors, and stars and stripes burlap. 
Cut a piece of the star patterned burlap to fit one corner of the frame.  Place the scotch adhesive squares along the wooden edges and press the burlap to the squares. 
I didn't get a photo of the final step, but you'll cut a piece of the red striped burlap to cover the rest of the window (I just cut one big piece to cover the entire frame.)  
And that's it!  VERY quick, VERY simple, and Patriotic!! 
If you have a picture frame style window you could also insert the burlap inside of the frame rather than stick it to the outside.  My carpal tunnel prevented me from cutting a straight line, so this was my alternative. 
Have a fun, safe 4th of July!  Thank you so much to all of the men and women who have protected our freedom and continue to do so!

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