Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring decor: Flower balls

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Today I am going to skip the recipe sharing and show you how to make flower balls for Spring! 
Immediately after Valentine's Day I decided to start decorating for Spring.  I thought maybe if I did that then Mother Nature would get the hint and melt all the snow and turn the heat up a bit.  Is anyone else getting sick of winter, too??? 
I went out into the garage to search for all of my Spring decor.  I was disappointed to find ONE tote and majority of the tote was filled with broken plastic eggs and a few things that aren't really my style anymore.  So I'm starting at square one.  No Spring decor.  My husband, being the awesome guy that he is, stopped at the local craft store on his way home from work to pick a few things up for me.  I present to you:  Flower balls!! 
I used 5 bunches of artificial daisies and 5" and 4" styrofoam balls.  
I was able to pop the daisies right off the stems.  No cutting required!  Then I pushed them into the styrofoam.  It's THAT easy.  
And this is Lola.  She supervises all of my projects... she's there to eat anything should it happen to fall on the floor.
I asked my husband to go back to the craft store to get pink daisies for the second ball.  He did it without hesitation.  I think I'll keep him.
And here is what they looked like when I was finished!  So quick and easy!  
If you happen to make these flower balls with something other than daisies we'd love to hear what you used and how it turned out!! 

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  1. So cute. How do you have them displayed?

  2. Thank you!! I have them displayed on the shelves in my foyer. I am going to make smaller flower balls to put on candlesticks on our dining room table.

  3. These are really great for spring time and look pretty easy! I'm glad you shared them. I'm a new GFC follower here from Meet & Greet to follow back. =0) Thanks for linking up with us, and I hope to see you this weekend too.

    1. They were very easy to make. Thank you so much for stopping by and for following us! We really appreciate it!


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