Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our New Look!

Hi there!  We are so glad you stopped by.
I am so excited to share our beautiful new blog design with you.  Isn't it beautiful!
I have to tell you, I really struggled with hiring someone to design our blog.  After all, I'm a craft/decorating blogger.  For cryin in the rain, I should be able to design my own blog, right?  Wrong!
I started looking around for someone to do it for me, but the prices were just more than I could fit in to our budget.
Well, one day, while I was doing one of my favorite things in the world, blog surfing, I found a post about blogging, on a Link Party. The title caught my eye, so I read it.  To my great surprise, I found out she also designed blogs.  When I saw her prices, well let's just say, she had me at the dollar sign!
Let me tell you about the talented lady, that made it all happen.
Her name is Diana. 
 You can find her, and many of her other creations, over at Custom Blog Designs.
Custom Blog Designs
You can also find her at, another one of her blogs, Diana Rambles
Seriously, this is one talented lady.
She designs blogs
She writes blogging tips
She crafts
She cooks
She is raising 3 kids
I'm tired just thinking about everything she does!
Oh, and did I mention her pricing is unbelievable? It is!
Or that she's great to work with? She is!
If you are thinking about starting a blog, need a blog makeover or just want to follow her on her adventures, go check her out.  I promise, you won't be disappointed.
Thanks again, Diana!  You rock!


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