Monday, August 19, 2013

Easy Bridal Shower Ideas

Hi there!  We are so glad you stopped by.
A few weeks ago, Tiffany and I hosted a bridal shower, for my soon-to-be niece.
We had so much fun planning it and coming up with ideas. The day of the shower, it was just Tiffany and I for a few hours, having mom/daughter time doing what we love.  Decorating!
I wanted to share a few things with you, that we did. 
As the guests arrived, they were greeted by our "Bridal Veil" door decoration.
It is super easy to make.  
All it is, is tulle and fake flowers.  I made a bow, tied some long pieces of tulle to the bow and add the flowers. I ran a piece of wire behind all of it and attached it, with the wire, to our door knocker.
When you entered the front door, I had tulle with lights wrapped on the inside, going up the stairs.  
This my friends, was a 2 person job.....for me.
I made a bow for each post, just like I did for the front door, added the flowers and wired it to the post.
Here is a close up of the post.  
Notice my little helper on the top step, Isabelle.  By the look on her face, I would say she has a definite opinion. She's so serious!
My nephew and niece-to-be are having a country/elegant themed wedding, so I wanted to incorporate that in to the decorations.
My inspiration piece, a chalk board.
Tiffany is the artist.  She did the lettering and border, free-hand! 
The decorating of this basket is nothing special, just a tulle bow.  But what it is for, is what I love.  
When I host a bridal shower, I like to put thank you cards and the envelopes in a basket, tied with a bow and pass it around to all the guests, while the bride opens her presents.  Each guests addresses the envelope to themselves.
Think about the time you save for this bride.  All the envelopes are addressed and ready to go.  No searching for addresses.  The brides have enough to do right before the wedding.  This is my little way of helping her out.
When I think country, I think burlap and mason jars. 
This is also super easy.  Wrap the burlap around the jar and hot glue it.  Tie a bow around it, add some flowers, a chalk board pick, and you're done.
Tiffany also did the lettering on these little chalkboards.
The chalkboard picks have the first letter of the bride and groom's name, and in the middle, the first letter of their last name.
For the utensils, just add one more mason jar with burlap and a bow.
I saw a picture of a wedding dress cake on Pinterest and thought, "That is genius, We can do that"!  
But inside, I was thinking, can we?
Tiffany baked the cupcakes the day before the shower and the morning of the shower, we set them up and she frosted them.
Once Tiffany finished frosting it, we added pearls and a pin.
It's that easy.  
And, who doesn't like cupcakes?  Plus, there is not cutting a cake.  It's a win-win!
Here is the table all ready for the guests. Let the shower begin!
Thank you so much for stopping by.  It means the world to us.


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  2. Definitely, some amazing ideas for a bridal shower. I really liked the idea of a cupcake dress, it looks fab! My sister is also getting married next month and I was planning to convert the house into an amazing party venue for the night. I am glad I got these ideas beforehand.


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