Thursday, February 9, 2012

Changing Your Hardware, on the Cheap!

Hi there!  I'm so glad you stopped by.

I have decided that I am really sick of the decorating in my house. So, what's a creative girl to do? 
Redecorate of course!

I have 4 rooms that I want to bring some new life to.  First up, the bathroom. 

Here are a few before pictures so you can see what I'm up against. Check out that wallpaper. 

Can you say "Pain in my butt" to remove?

Oh, lordy!

Below is my inspiration.  I always pick one item to start a redecorating project with.  It can be a picture, a rug, a bedspread or fabric. In this case, I chose fabric.  I went to Hancock Fabrics and to my complete delight, this fabric was 50% off!  Yep, did the happy dance in the isle.

I am in love with this trim, which by the way, matches the fabric perfectly.  It even has glass beads on it.  

I decided that I should go with chrome in this bathroom since the faucets and toilet handle are chrome. Having the glass beads on the trim just cinched the deal.  And, look at how fabulous these Mercury Glass candle holders look with this fabric. Could you just die?  I snagged those babies at Kirkland's. 

Being the anal retentive person that I am, I noticed that the hardware on my bathroom door is antique brass.  Well, antique brass and chrome do NOT go together. I mean, please.

How awful would that have been to get completely done with the bathroom, be sitting on the toilet and notice the antique brass staring me right in the face...........

Instead of buying new hardware, which isn't in the budget, I decided to paint them. And let me tell you, it is so easy to do.

Start by taping off the area around the hardware.  I used Frog Tape and Scotch Blue Pre-taped Film for the door.  I should have used it for the entire area, but forgot I had it until I was almost done taping everything off.  Believe me, you will save tons of time with this stuff.

Check out this next picture.  I felt like I was in a hazmat area!  All this for 3 little hinges and a knob. 

Over kill perhaps?

Here is the "before" knob

All I did was lightly spray the knob and hinges with 2 coats of spray paint, waiting one hour in between coats. That's it!  It took longer to tape off the area then it did to paint the hardware. But it was worth it.

Here is the "after" knob.

And, the "after" hinges.

So, there you have it.  You don't have to change out your hardware to get a new look.  You don't even have to take the hardware off to paint it.  And, for the cost of a can of spray paint and how little you use for each item, you sure can't beat the price.

Check back often as I am going to be blogging the entire bathroom makeover.  See you next time.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  It means the world to me.


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