Thursday, January 21, 2016

DIY Valentine's Day Decor

HELLO!!  We're so glad you stopped by!
You may have noticed, but my mom and I have not posted anything in quite some time.  Between the two of us, we had a very busy 2015.  My sister got married, so wedding planning was in full swing.  Mom landed her dream job with the St. Paul Police!  I graduated college and had a full time law office internship, my husband was required to relocate for his promotion, so we had to get our family and house prepared for a move that ultimately never happened because the same position opened up at his current location (Praise God!) 
But, we're BACK.  And we have a lot of great things we are going to be sharing with you! 
Valentine's Day is hands-down my favorite holiday/season to decorate for.  I am as girly as they come.  Any reason to bust out pink decor and glitter is my kind of party!
I am going to share very quick, easy DIY Valentine's Day decor pieces that you can create with pieces from the dollar section at Target!
Bakers Twine.  I literally tie this stuff around everything I can!  Tie them around candles to give them a "pop" of color.  Spools of twine: $1
Felt cut-out letters.  Also in the dollar section at Target.  I had a burlap wrapped canvas in my craft room, so with the felt and the bakers twine, I was able to throw this together in seconds.  
Add scrapbook paper to frames.  I got a 10 pack of Valentine themed paper for $1.  
I got the black frame and the "C" at Hobby Lobby.  The rose balls are also from Target, but they were not in the dollar section.  You could easily make these with artificial flowers and Styrofoam balls (see our spring flower balls post!)

I have a Cricut machine, so I used more of the scrapbook paper to cut out phrases to frame.  
It is hard to see the smaller frame, but it says "I love you a bushel & a peck"

Candles.  I found plain pink candles at Walmart.  I believe they were $.50 a piece.  This was my chance to bust out my glitter!  I brushed Mod Podge onto the candles (I used the Gloss finish).  Then I used white/iridescent glitter.  You could even use Epsom salt if you have that around the house.  My husband hates finding glitter all over the place, so I spray hairspray over the glitter when I am done to prevent it from falling off!

The silver "&" was also from the Target dollar section.  It was $3.  This could also be recreated by buying a wooden letter, brushing mod podge on the letter, and sprinkling Glitter or Confetti over the glue.  You will probably pay more for the supplies than you would just buying the item at Target, though.

So, where did I get those pink candlesticks?  My mom's garage sale.  I bet she regrets giving them to me now :) If you are not lucky enough to find something like this at your mom's house, most thrift stores are bursting at the seams with candlesticks!

They looked like this:  

I used True Red, Dragonfruit, and Bubblegum pink acrylic paint by Americana.  You will have to apply a few coats of paint.  I think I did three?  

Originally I was going to do flower balls on the candle sticks, but I ran out of brads and flowers.  

((Hang in there... I'm almost done!)) 

I got a pink chalkboard in the Target dollar section.  This one was also $3.  I used gems to monogram the chalkboard.  Originally I wanted to line the chalkboard with flowers, but I ran out of those too.  It was -30 degrees outside and I was not leaving the house to get more.  

Instead, I painted the legs, and added flowers that I currently had on hand to finish the chalkboard.

And lastly.  I needed to create something to hold all of my gummy flowers that I cannot. stop. eating.  This would make a perfect teacher gift for your children to bring on Valentine's Day! 

You guessed it.  I got the jar in the target dollar section.  They also have pink and red! 
I glued burlap around it, and wrapped my trusty bakers twine around it.  

If you are wondering... yes, I did eat all of the gummies.  Presley will have to get some more for her teacher! 

Stay tuned, I will have more Valentine's Day ideas for you next week!

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