Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Labor Day/Marine Party Flower Pot

Hi.  I'm so glad you stopped by!

I have this fascination with turning clay pots in to something fun.  They are inexpensive and very easy to work with.  You could make pots for every season and every holiday, or, even a party. 

In fact, I have a son-in-law who is a Marine (Hi Trey) and is leaving for Afghanistan next week, (insert tears) and my daughter, my very pregnant daughter, is having a going away party for him, this Sunday.  Won't this make the perfect centerpiece for the food table, or maybe a bowl for chips. The list is endless.......

I started with these clay pots I bought at Walmart. How boring are these "before" pots.....yawn!

First, I primed the pot and tray with Krylon White Primer, inside and out.

Next, I taped off the pot where I wanted the stripes to be. I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor paint with a gloss finish. I chose the color (burgundy) because it looked the most like the red in an American flag. 

Once I had the stripes painted, I covered the bottom of the pot with plastic and taped it off.

For the blue border I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Navy Blue with a gloss finish.

Lastly, I used a star stencil that I had and traced the stars on to the pot.  For this part I used a Krylon White Paint Pen with a medium point. (I'm starting to think I have an addiction to Krylon)

There you have it, my Labor Day/Marine Going Away Party Pot.

Thanks for stopping by.  I am honored!


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  1. Hi Kelly!
    I am SO not a crafty person, but your ideas look simple & give me hope that perhaps even I could add a bit of color & creativity to my home.
    Thanks for the cool ideas!


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