Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken Fajita Pizza

Hi there!  We're so glad you stopped by! 
I have a new recipe to share with you!  I wasn't kidding when I said that I was obsessed with mexican dishes!  I promise I will share something different with you next week... but this week, I'm going to share my Chicken Fajita Pizza! 
We make homeade pizza quite often at our house.  We have become sick of the traditional pepperoni, black olives, and mushroom pizza.  Now we've moved on to hawaiian, BBQ chicken, etc... but this one is definitely our favorite!  
 What you'll need: 
1 pizza crust (baked, or I bought a crust that was already made) 
2 chicken breasts (cut into 1/2" cubes)
Fajita seasoning
1 C. chunky salsa
1 green pepper (chopped)
1 red pepper(chopped)
1 red onion  (thinly sliced)
1 can of black beans
1 1/2 C. mexican blend cheese
Cook the chicken with the fajita seasoning mix as directed. 
Brush a small amount of olive oil on the pizza crust, then spread the salsa on the top (this is your pizza sauce) Keep salsa 1-2 inches from the edge.
Top with chicken, peppers, onion, black beans, and cheese.  
Bake at 400 for 15 minutes.  
Serve with sour cream or taco sauce. 


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