Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How To Make An Entertainment Center

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Do you ever look at something you have and just know you can turn it in to something better?  It has good bones so you don't want to replace it, you just want to update it. Give it some love.
Here is a picture of my "something". 
Because we purchased a new television, I had to do an update.  This television stood on its own. Our new one would need to sit on something.
I had these great bookcases, that were given to me quite a few years ago.  They are well built, just not my style anymore. 
The television you see in the picture was leaving us, but I liked the idea of wall unit.
Here is what we did to turn 2 bookcases in to an entertainment center that I love, very inexpensively.
I had my assistant in all things wood, add some shelves and a piece of molding across the top to make it look like it's all one unit.  I'm sorry, I didn't take a picture of the before with the molding attached.
After he got them all attached, I decided I didn't like the second shelf from the top.  
So, he took it out for me.
Sometimes things look better in  my head!
I got some primer that will go on any finish and primed away.
I took the doors off and removed the floating shelves.
It is so much easier to paint them if they are laying flat. 
The paint I used was Sherwin Williams. The color is Riverway. 
I added some updated hardware, in Oil Rubbed Bronze finish......
And, my favorite part, I decorated it.
I love the color.  It shows nicely with the browns and greens of the accessories I used.
Here's a close up of the other side.
I knew those baskets would come in handy one day!
Here's one more picture of the before.............
And, the after, with a little love!
There you have it.  An easy transformation using what I already had!
Thank you so much for stopping by.  It means the world to us.

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