Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Living Room Before and After

Hi there. We are so glad you stopped by!
Last week I did a post about taking 2 bookcases and turning them in to an entertainment center.
This week, I thought I would follow that up with how we turned the living room, where the entertainment center is, in to a brighter more up to date room.
Come on in!
Let me start by telling you, back in the day when we bought our house, this was our 2 car garage!
We removed the door in between the garage and the entryway.  
Then we opened up the wall to make it feel as though it had always been this way. 
We then raised the floor so that it would be even with the entryway.
The picture above, is the view from the living room, in to the entryway.
This is the view from the entryway in to the living room.
When we turned the garage in to our living room, a very dear friend of ours added this beautiful fireplace. 
It has always been one of the favorite features of our home.
I guess I'm not the only one that loves the fireplace.
Our dog Isabelle, loves the fireplace, too.
Zoom to 2013. It was time to update the garage, I mean living room!
Come and take a peek at our new look.
We painted the walls a light cream color to make the space feel brighter.  It was quite a change from the deep red, but so refreshing to me.
I basically turned the colors around. 
Before; dark walls, light furniture.  After; light walls and dark furniture.
I updated the items on the mantle.  
I think the fireplace looks better with the new wall color, too. It blends in with the room better.
The long wall to the right, when you walk in to the room.
This is a very poor quality picture, but I wanted you to see how I made the window appear bigger.  
I hung the curtain rod as high up as I could and past the sides of the windows.  
(This was once where the garage door was)
Here's the entertainment center I told you about last week.  It used to be 2 bookcases. 
I love how it fills up this wall.
One more before picture..............
.........and the after!
Isn't it amazing how changing the color can make such a huge impact.
Paint is your best friend.  You should invite it over.....often.
Thank you so much for stopping by my home.  I loved having you!

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