Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Free Cabinet Makeover

Hi there!
I am so glad you stopped by.  
Come, sit a spell, and take a look around.
I want to show you how I took a free cabinet 
and gave it some glam with a little paint and an old knob.  

Let me tell you how I landed this gem.
I was driving to lunch one day, in my car, and saw it on the side of the road.  
To my great surprise, it had a free sign on it!  
Whoa, back this car up!!
But, wait, have you ever tried to fit a cabinet in to a car............me neither.
Luckily, it was only about a half a block from my office.
I hurried back to my office and asked my boss if he would help me carry it back to the office.  
He did!
Imagine the two of us - walking down the side of the road carrying a cabinet;
me cracking up at the sight of us. 
What a trooper he was.
I was not a fan of the light green color, 
but knew how much I would love it once I painted it.
I just love how it turned out.
I used a flat black paint that I had on hand.
Sanded the edges a little, to give it a worn feeling.
And, put everything back the way I had it decorated before, 
so I could show you the before and after photos.
Here is another before picture...........
And, the after.
I added the old white ceramic knob that I had from another project.  
I love how it compliments my china cabinet.
I love how it looks at night with my low lights.
Here is the china cabinet with the low lights, too.  
I just love how warm and cozy it makes my dining/room kitchen area.  
I'm all about the lighting.
One more, for fun.
Here is the before...........
And, the after.
I'm in love!
It is so fun to see how you can take something, 
add a little paint, and have a totally new creation.
Thank you so much for stopping by.  
It means so much to me.
Until next time,

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