Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Centerpiece and Porch

Hi there!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Like many of you, I'm dreaming of spring, 
but - I'm thinking it may be a while before I see it.
In the meantime, let's embrace this thing we call the season that never ends.
Here's how this centerpiece started.......
Last fall, I was preparing for Thanksgiving
 and decided that I would like to have something that I could decorate
and keep for the season, instead of one meal.
As you can see, it can be used for every season.
We have some barn wood from my husband's grandparents barn.  
I treasure this wood and the history behind it.  
I thought it would be perfect for such a project.
The wood was SO old and SO dirty.
I scrubbed it, in my laundry tub, with a brush and dawn dish soap.
We could not believe the beauty that was beneath all that grime.
I filled the box with floral foam, 
placing my battery candles in between each piece of foam.
The thing I love most about these candles, they have timers.
No need to turn them on each night. 
They magically turn on at 5:00 and turn off at 10:00.
I filled in around the candles with pine branches I got from Michael's. 
I added some pine cones,
silver snowflakes, and bulbs to imitate snowballs.
That's it.  Pretty easy.
When I want to remove my decorations from the table for meals,
I pick up the box and move it.  So easy!
Since we're talking about winter............
Here's a peek at my front porch.
If we're going to have 6 months of winter, we might as well make it pretty.
I started with this plaid blanket with bright colors and worked from there.
The lantern seemed like the perfect accent. 
The ice skates were my moms
and she so graciously passed them on to me 
when I told her I wanted them for my porch.  
Thanks, Mom, they're perfect!
I hope I've inspired you to take something and give it new life, in your decor.
Until next time,

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