Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Decor

Hi there!
I am so glad you stopped by!
I love everything about Valentine's Day decor.  The colors; red, pink, and white.
I love hearts, lace, and soft lighting.
I would decorate like a crazy woman, if I had the time.  I don't.  
So, this is my nod to Valentine's Day.

I have this cabinet that I scored on the side of the road. For free!
It is not the prettiest cabinet, but I knew it had good bones 
and would fit perfectly in the corner of my sitting area, in my kitchen.
It is the perfect piece for adding seasonal decor.  
It's large enough to be a showcase, and yet small enough,
that you don't need much to make it look good.
I will show you in another post how I painted it and made it all it could be.
But for now, here is what I did.
Notice the pine tree in my whiskey barrel.  
I admit, I had a really hard time putting all of my Christmas decor away.  
But, it is a cute way to add low lighting.
At night I turn on the lights and sit back and enjoy its loveliness.
I found this cupid picture at an antique shop a few months back, 
and knew it would be perfect here.
I added the red and white towel, along with the white pitcher, for color.
The pine sprig is to bring in the green from the pine tree, that sits in the whiskey barrel.
On the same shopping day, I found this sweet little bear, red stool, and love sign.
I didn't realize I was shopping for Valentine's Day decor.........
I have loved little wooden stools for a while now.  
They are the perfect accent to bring height to a vignette.
I love the layered look.  
I hope you enjoyed seeing my nod to Valentine's Day.
I hope that you'll come back to see how a little paint and sandpaper 
can completely change the look of a free cabinet.
Thank you so much for stopping by.  It means the world to me.
Until next time!

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